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PostSubject: :: ABOUT MISSIONS ::   Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:23 pm

:: OOC ::
Only members of the State Military will be able to volunteer and complete missions however, civilians and other characters may be able to participate through outside means by tagging along with the troupe. i.e. if your character is a news reporter for the Tribune, they won't be 'invited' to go along necessarily by the military, but they might be trying to secretly follow the band to get the latest scoop. Or, if there is a situation the military needs a witness to publish something to provide a little political manipulation of the situation, maybe they'll ask them to tag along. etc

Missions are basically one aspect of an ongoing Major plotlines that may be participated in. A player may volunteer characters for a mission before it is in progress unless a character is brand new, thus, characters can be worked into the missions just like they are worked into other overall plot for RP purposes.

Completing missions will inevitably lead to the development of new missions in order to further the plot. Depending on mission specifications, previously uninvolved characters in that plot may be able to volunteer to join the future mission, or they may be requested to join my a commanding officer for other purposes.

All players may contribute to mission ideas by submitting them to the Colonel's Request Box. So, think up some interesting situations you'd like to play a part in and share! However, we will probably only keep a couple of missions active at a time, in order to streamline events/ involve characters in the same plots/regions/etc until the board has grown enough. That doesn't limit the possibilities for upcoming missions though. :)They can be small or large. Or something small leading to something large.
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