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PostSubject: :: VOLUNTEER FOR MISSIONS ::   :: VOLUNTEER FOR MISSIONS :: EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 2:29 pm

o volunteer for missions if you haven't already been drafted into them :Pplease make a reply to this thread stating the character you'd like to involve, and the mission of which you'd like that character to play a part in. Until there are many characters in play, all characters may be involved in the same missions by default in order to maintain involvement.

:: A ::A special task force has been assigned to partner with the Dragon's Blood Brotherhood of Xing, in order to garner a better understanding of the healing principles of Alkahestry. Likewise, Amestrian Alchemists will be instructing the Brotherhood on the principles of their own science. Both teams will be acting as ambassadors for their respective countries and be looking forward to further interactions in the future as well; possibly an Amestrian visit to the Imperial Palace and Imperial Library of Xing. Although, when they do manage to make their way to Xing in the future, and the Dragon's Blood Brotherhood returns home, they may find that getting there is going to become more treacherous than they thought.

The Dragon's Blood Brotherhood will also be escorting one of the Emperor's children to Amestris.

Volunteers Needed: 
3-5 Alchemists from the Amestrian Military 
4-5 Dragon's Blood Brotherhood Alchahestry Practitioners
Other State Military

:: B ::A task force has been sent out to uncover the location of the ancient water route connecting the lands of Amestris and Xing. It is in the interest of both nations to secure less dangerous routes of travel between the countries and thought that with developing coal-powered technology, that following a waterway may prove a faster way to travel since building a railroad across the Eastern Desert has been currently left out of the question. It is assumed that this waterway is located somewhere in the south/ southeast of Amestris, but it is feared that this "long way around" connecting to Xing may lead across foreign borders or through areas overrun by smugglers. There is also the possibility of an underground waterway leading through the ruins of Xerxes. Perhaps the very, hidden pools which used to sustain the people. 

Volunteers Needed:
Amestrian military personnel of varying specialty

:: C ::A previously unknown group of Chimeras has been found residing right under the noses of the Military in Central City. The government would like to keep tabs on any such 'anomalies' in case they should become a danger to society or lead them to more sinister findings. In light of this, the military will issue orders for officers to make contact with and interrogate the Chimeras to find out more about their purpose and eventually coerce the group into working for the State Military in order to put such a unique resource to work. There is also a need to find out just when and where they were created. After all, using biological alchemy to create a Chimera has been outlawed for years now. What alchemist would have known how to do such a thing? Are they former military? Did previous chimera research get leaked? 

Volunteers Needed:
At least one state military officer
Other state military subordinates

:: D ::Research done by the State Military has been leaked by unknown persons to unknown sources outside the military. Find out who is responsible for the leaks of Classified information and who has received said information. Recover any and all documents or other resources and return them to Headquarters. Some officers suspect it, but none will say it just yet, but it is thought that there may be an Ishvalan amoungst their ranks responsible.

Volunteers Needed:
At least one State Military officer
other state military subordinates
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