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PostSubject: :: DRAGON'S BLOOD BROTHERHOOD ::   :: DRAGON'S BLOOD BROTHERHOOD :: EmptyThu Mar 06, 2014 12:52 am

:: Dragon's Blood Brotherhood ::

Mosts highly proficient Alchemists who have a specialty in their field, wind up walking down a relatively solitary path, likely being the only Alchemy Talent amoungst the researchers around them. Keeping their research heavily encrypted and then hidden out of sight of others. Their research becomes their obsession and their greed is for what they hope to find through it. They stand like a guardian over their personal research as though it were such a secretive thing. And perhaps it is. For State Alchemists, that is often the case, as their research is for the purpose of enriching the State's repository of resources.

There is one group of Alchemists amoungst the Xingese however, who have strayed from following a similar path, coming together to form a almost clan-like brotherhood of practitioners. They are the Dragon's Blood Brotherhood.

Members of this group, like Alchemists of Amestris, are free to follow a focus of interest in their studies however, in a quest for the betterment of the world around them, to make the lives of others more beautiful and noble, they do not hide their research. Rather, they share it. With wise, strong, open minds working together, they have become an impressive team; both in knowledge and understanding, and in the Xingese style of combat they practice. They are an inseparable troupe, defending eachother's weaknesses and being highly familiar with eachother's strengths. They perform best as a group. Their creed, like the Amestrian Alchemists, is to benefit society and protect the weak.

Their science begins with the natural, native study of Alkahestry, often learning basic principles at a very young age, growing up with some at least minor uses of it in the home. Furthering their studies into adulthood, the group formed gradually into the union that it presently is. It was by their own hard work and the kind contribution of others that the Brotherhood was able to supply their own materials for research as necessary, but eventually, greater fortune was upon them. Their names reaching the ear of Emperor Ling Yao, the ruler of Xing quickly swept them into his employ, being of course very interested in their work.

Recently, the group has been charged with pursuing the study of Amestrian Alchemy in order to find ways of improving upon their arts and employ it for Xings own military purposes; as well as to grow their knowledge and understanding of Alchemy as it exists in the rest of the world. Likewise, the Amestrians would be learning to employ Alkahestry Techniques for healing purposes. Thus, having been designated as an elite team for the Emperor's special purpose, they are dispatched periodically to travel to Amestris as ambassadors of a sort. Of course, at these times, they usually partner with Alchemists of Amestris in their efforts learn from one another, thereby continuing to build the positive relationship between the two nations by fortifying friendships through their productive efforts.

Since there has been no war to disturb their peace in recent years, these efforts have been successful thus far, when working with neighboring Amestris. But what if something were to happen that caused the two nations to question one another's motives and purpose? What if conflict were to break out and strain placed upon that relationship? How far would they really be able to trust one another?

Members of the Dragon's Blood: Members of the group are open for creation. There will only be four or five total
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