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PostSubject: This is new...   This is new... EmptyMon Mar 10, 2014 3:50 pm

I am quite excited about getting the site rolling. Mobius and Jezebel, I'm glad to have you join me for some RP Smile Thanks for that. I've been soooo excited I've been staying up into the wee hours of the morning to get as many little details ironed out on the site as I can, and as fast as I can. I know it may take a couple of weeks for us to get some characters completed. I'm rethinking the characters I first wrote up for FMA a couple of years ago haha. But some same basic concepts. Hmmm. Anyway, I think it broke my brain over the weekend. My muse didn't go on strike, but .. general tiredness is getting to me lol. Staying up too late and then daylight savings time.

/yawn. Are either of you better with web design than I am? I mean.. I guess I don't think the site looks terrible Smile For the sake of givingcredit to myself for the effort I've put into it over the last week (and considering i threw all this together in a week) I think I should feel a 'little' proud of it. Wink hahaha. But still. More could be done, for sure.

Once you both get a chance to take a look at everything on the site.. please make suggestions for any changes based on your own FMA RP experience.

This will be my first time RPing FMA, so honestly, I'm just bubbling with anticipation at this point. I'm WAY excited. MAJORLY excited. But.. I expect a completely different RP experience than the other realms I've RPed in. Smile Which... I'm looking forward to.

Which reminds me, one of you needs to teach me how to use the roll dice function. I'll look it up and figure it out sometime this week otherwise, buuut.. I understand the basic concept because I've played tabletop D&D -which I miss Sad. Wow, did I just give away how big of a closet nerd I am? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm........I think i just miss my pretty blue and red dice sets.

Anyway, we'll need to get the dice rolls rules straightened out soon, for the Alchemy RP.

*bubble over the thought of it*
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