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 Sixth Gun's Achievement Tracking

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Sixth Gun
Sixth Gun

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Sixth Gun's Achievement Tracking Empty
PostSubject: Sixth Gun's Achievement Tracking   Sixth Gun's Achievement Tracking EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 11:48 pm


[x]Create your first Civilian

[x]Create your first Alchemist

[x]Create your first Non Alchemist Military member

[_]Create your first Human Chimera

[_]Create your first Class A character

[x]Create your first Class B character

[x]Create your first Class C character

[_]Create your first Class D character

[x]Create your first Class E character

[_]Adopt a Character

Reward: Choose your own Account Rank Name/ Name Colour for the board.

[_]Level up a character to Class C

[_]Level up a character to Class B

[_]Level up a character to Class A

[_]Learn your first new Tier 1 ability

[_]Learn your first new Tier 2 ability

[_]Learn your first Tier 3 ability

[_]Learn your first Tier 4 ability

[_]Learn your first Tier 5 ability

[_]Be involved in a major plot

[_]Be involved in a minor plot

[x]Start a new plot

Reward: Be awarded a FREE additional ability for any one Alchemist character, of any Tier.[i.e. free personal discovery]

[_]Complete your first thread

[_]Start a new thread

[_]Post a Character History thread

[_]Complete 10 threads

[_]Complete 25 threads

[_]Complete 50 threads

Reward: Earn a FREE new ability of any Tier for one of your Alchemist characters. [i.e. free personal discovery] (or other rewards? to be added to.)

[_]Travel to another Province

[_]Travel to a countryside village

[_]Travel to a tourist town

[_]Travel through a desolate wilderness/wasteland

[_]Travel to a dangerous place

[_]Travel by train

[_]Travel by foot

[_]Travel by camel

[_]Travel by boat

[_]Travel by horse/ carriage

Reward: Moving up in the world! Win/Buy a car for your character! The rare, luxurious commodity of the day!

[_]Perform a successful Tier 1 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 2 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 3 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 4 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 5 transmutation

[_]A Tier 1 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 2 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 3 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 4 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 5 transmutation backfires

[_]Use a transmutation for something mundane

Rewards: Make a new great discovery! Your discovery will be published in the Central Tribune and everyone will want to buy it!(Admin approval required)

[_]Start a rumour

[_]Have a character do something 'illegal'

[_]Land a character in jail/ put on probation.

[_]Skip out on your chores

[_]Pick on something smaller or furrier than you are.

[_]Bully someone

[_]Start a fight

[_]Steal something

[_]Break up with your mate


[_]Participate in a yearly exam and fail

Reward: Coal :PJust kidding. How about a Chimera for a pet? One of those rumoured unaccounted for Philosopher's Stone shards? A little Gold transmuting? Or perhaps the opportunity to play a Homunculus?

[_]Do a good deed/ help the needy

[_]Cheer a friend up

[_]Be the 'good example' to impress your superiors

[_]Dispel a rumour

[_]Help cover for a friend who skipped out on chores

[_]Make love, not war

[_]Make up with a break up

[_]Participate a yearly exam and pass

[_]Get promoted (military)


Reward: Your character will be recognized in game for their positive efforts and hard work. This could mean a bonus on your next pay check, a promotion to the next military rank, special permissions from authority figures, a medal of honour, a publication about you in the Tribune, a mention of you on the Radio, etc. This might even mean being awarded one of those rumoured 'unaccounted for' Philosopher's Stone shards to help you in your quest for continuing good works.

[_]Participate in military training drills

[_]Start a food fight at the mess hall

[_]Take a day off

[_]Lose a fight

[_]Win a fight

[_]Go to the beach

[_]Get drunk

[_]Have your automail repaired/ visit your mechanic

[_]Buy new automail



Rewards: Be awarded the opportunity to create a unique character that might otherwise be disallowed, such as a Soul attached to a suit of armour, like Al. Oooor, maybe get your hands on one of those unaccounted for Philosopher's Stones.
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Sixth Gun's Achievement Tracking
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