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 Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor

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Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor Empty
PostSubject: Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor   Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor EmptySun Mar 30, 2014 7:38 pm

OOC Info:
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Character Info:
Name: Kongzhi Feng

Code Name: N/A

ID Number: N/A

Age & Date of Birth: 18/ 1920

Gender: Male

Character Class: Class B

Race: Xingese

Nationality: Xingese

Language: Amestrian and Xingese

Province & City of Residence: Southern Province, Military Academy near Southern HQ

Place of Birth: Xing

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Second son of Emperor Ling Yao; Student of the Amestrian Military Academy.

Specialization: N/A

Father: Emperor Ling Yao
Mother: Minao, Daughter of the Chief of the Feng Clan.
Siblings: 1 older half-brother, 1 older half-sister, 1 full blooded sister, 49 younger half-siblings.

-Face Actor: Wu Chun
Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor WuChun0_zpsc8206224Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor WuChun2_zps1e41fe33
-Hair: Black, styled short in razor cut layers with somewhat longish sideburns and forward swept bangs that cover most of his forehead.
-Eyes: Cool, bole Brown eyes of half-moon shape
-Height: 6’1”
-Build: Agile, athletic form. Chiseled musculature and broad shoulders; a solid, masculine “v” shaped torso.
-Automail: N/A
-Possessions usually found on persona:
[list][*]Dao sword (3 feet in length with decorative pommel and cross bar, and a short, crimson tasseled lanyard. Single edged. Most effective for cutting and slashing techniques.)
-Typical Choice of Clothing: Xingese traditional clothing.
-Tattoos or Scarring: No scarring. As a prince of Xing he prefers to keep his complexion pristine. Scars are avoided due to their unsightliness. He does however, have a large tattoo significant of the Feng Clan, that partially encompases his right bicep.

Born in Xing, the third child of the Emperor Ling Yao, Kongzhi was raised in his mother’s homeland -in the sprawling territory of the Feng Clan. Though he was the third child of the Emperor, the Emperor of Xing married sometimes many times within the same year, in order to unify the power of many clans under him. Thus, though Kongzhi has two older siblings, they were all three of them born within the same year. Of course, that makes the Emperor’s eldest children half-siblings. Kongzhi only has one full blooded sibling -a younger sister.

Most of the royal family are distant relations, and thus treated as such -even if they are half siblings. Children of the Emperor are primarily raised at the residences of their respective Consort Clans, built for the purpose of housing the Emperor’s wife and her children. Only a few times throughout the year will the consort wife and child visit the Imperial Palace to reside there for a brief time. Even more rare is it that many of the Emperor’s wives and children would reside together there, at the same time; though, it isn’t unheard of for the Emperor to request the near-permanent stay of one of his wives with him there, at the palace.

So, this is how Kongzhi grew up; raised for the most part, within the confines of the home of his consort mother. Thus, the Feng clan heads and those who served the family were closest to him, causing him to harbour a great love and loyalty for the people there. It is in that regard, in his mind, that the good of the Clan became greater than the good of the ‘Family’, so to speak; though the Clan IS his family in more regards than those related to him by blood. Thus, a sense of growing independence from any other blood relations outside of his mother’s immediate family or his father, started at a very young age.

It was also at that very young age that mental, physical and spiritual preparation began for him to one day become the emperor of Xing. Little did his mother know however, that he had other plans. But to her credit, he would not let her efforts go wasted. Instead of choosing to follow after an ambition to take the throne, Kongzhi and his brother -the one closest to him, by relation of their mothers being cousins- began planning their own futures.

Since their clans were already closely related, there was no reason for them not to be able to trust one another; not to mention, their mothers had married the emperor within the same year, and they had both been born only a couple of months apart from one another. Thus, Kongzhi and his his half brother conspired together, and working toward mutual benefit, decided that whereas his older brother was the more ambitious, desiring to take the throne and Kongzhi only cared about securing a peaceful and prosperous future for the Feng, that Kongzhi would serve as a decoy to clear the way for his brother’s ascension. As long as Kongzhi could keep up the pretenses that he was the more ambitious of the two, those who considered them enemies, would target himself instead of his brother, giving the other boy more freedom to go about his life and pursue their ultimate goal. In exchange however, for playing decoy, Kongzhi would not be forgotten in the future; and in the future, awarded lands of his own, through his arranged marriage to the daughters of one or more Clans. And to him, that was preferable to becoming Emperor. Too much pressure there.

It wasn’t until he’d reached his teens that Kongzhi ever felt that his life was in danger. A threat on his life had been made only once when he was little. But as a young adult, multiple attempts had been made on his life. Most threats were quickly put down, well before they actually became a threat to him, but three times within the last two years, the reach of his enemies became far too close for comfort. Due to a couple of these naer-successful attempts at assassinating him, it was decided that he should secretly leave the country, hiding himself away in Amestris’ Military Academy under the guise of Ambassador for a while. That way, he could continue his studies with good purpose and without as much interference. It’s assumed that the academy would set him a little further out of reach of those who actively sought him out.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since his arrival at the military academy. His eldest brother was sent to the academy in Central City. They are both accompanied by two body guards who are instructed to keep a low profile so as not to draw unnecessary attention to the princes.

-Goal oriented. He is focus is incredibly strictly trained, so he may seem quite serious, though he did inherit his father’s wry, humourous side that is quite endearing.
-Ambitious to secure he and his closest brother’s futures while they can, he doesn’t
-Possesses a stern sense of loyalty toward Clan and those closest to him that is uncompromising.
-Proud. Of his heritage, of his father’s accomplishments, of his clan, etc; though he’s not boastful. But he’s fully willing to let that pride become another justification for his Will to ‘become the future emperor of Xing’.
-Intelligent, but also owning a good measure of common sense.
-Suspicious. Only trusting of those in his clan; those who should naturally be supportive of him. Though, there are a few relationships outside of the Feng that he values just as greatly. Otherwise, he fully suspects that everyone else is trying to take his life to secure better futures for their own clans. Even his siblings fall under suspicion.
-Manipulative when it comes to achieving his ends
-Fiercely determined to achieve the things that he sets his mind do.
-Open minded, taking many perspectives into consideration before making decisions; he is of the understanding that not all truths are clear black and white, nor always easy to swallow. Thus, Kongzhi is not of the mind that he’s ‘always right’, nor that there is always a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side to things.
-Wise to the ways of the world due to having seen his fair share of intrafamilial turmoil.
-Not the Idealistic sort, he’s more of a realist, like his father. That however, doesn’t mean he isn’t Far-Reaching in his goals.
-Inherited his father’s stubbornness, commanding presence and sense of entitlement.
-Charismatic; this trait, as well as his knack for being thoughtful of those in his circle of confidants/ or part of his Clan, is what draws people to him, allowing people to overlook his more selfish nature or that sense of entitlement.
-Commanding. And he expects that people will do what he tells them.
-Personable, though not a huge social butterfly. He’s pleasant and warm enough that people find it easy to talk to him and become comfortable in his presence. In the future, as a clan Chief or emperor, depending on how things work out, he may not get the chance to do tat, to be more open and free in his interaction with people as much as he’d like. So, it’s important for him to make social connections, friends, allies, etc now.

[Martial Arts]: Martial Arts has been something he began learning at a very young age, for the sake of self preservation and the fulfillment of his goals.
[Food]: Though his stomach isn’t quite as bottomless as that of his father, and he is perhaps a little pickier about his food, he has a few favourites that he will go out of his way to find. Such as steam buns. Aaaannd, in any case, he’s still a growing young man with a high metabolism. It’s only natural that he’d be hungry all the time.

Unskillful at/Dislikes:
[Disloyalty]: He’s been betrayed before; and being betrayed is the worst kind of feeling to have. It makes him question his own character anc capability, and becomes a pain that grips at the heart more than that inflicted by any other enemy.
[Disobedience]: This really goes hand in hand with the disloyalty, in his book. Disobedience either means his subject is questioning his decision or incompetent. Both are negative traits.

Mannerisms/ Quirks:
-When in the presence of his clansmen, will treat them as family, but the clan is quite hierarchical, strictly observing social status, so he tends to fall into habits around them of being rather bossy and demanding. And that’s not to say that he’s able to completely avoid that habit outside of the clan, either. Only, outsiders don’t respond as well, typically. For shame.

-Sense of entitlement is a bit of a character flaw to some.
-Some might also consider him a bit bossy when around his subordinates.

Fighting Style/Favoured Weapon:
Hand to hand and Sword. He’s only familiar with Xingese martial styles, but has been practicing the arts since he was six. Kongzhi is at least vaguely familiar with an assortment of weaponry from spear to fighting sticks, to unique brands of swords and knives, to combat fans; he is not particularly adept at all of them though. He prefers the sword primarily because it is an acceptable weapon for his status. His sword skills are a particular strength anyway, and he’s also adept at fighting with dual blades.
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Kongzhi Feng -Son of the Emperor
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