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 Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist)

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Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist)   Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist) EmptySun Mar 30, 2014 11:55 pm

OOC Info:
Recruited by: Founder
Email: PM

Character Info:
Name: Kade Marshall

Code Name: Nitro Alchemist [Also, teased with the code name Violet, because of the unique glow of his transmutations]

ID Number: HNO 3204

Age & Date of Birth: 26/ 1911

Gender: Male

Character Class: Alchemist Class A

Race: Xingese-Amestrian halfie

Nationality: Amestrian

Language: Xingese and Amestrian

Province & City of Residence: Southern Province, South City

Place of Birth: Xing

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: State Alchemist

Specialization: Nitrogen

Father: Lt. General Brian Marshall -Amestrian State Military. Foreign relations.
Mother: Kasumi Marshall
Sister: Akemi Marshall -Deceased
Brother: Kogan Marshall-Deceased
Sister: Sora Marshall

-Face Actor: Okura Tadayoshi
Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist) Okuratadayoshi19_zps224b092f
-Hair: Near-black. Depending on his preference at the time, styled to varying lengths from a shorter, spiked crop to just about shoulder length -just long enough to pull back into a stubby ponytail.
-Eyes: Warm, near-black shade tinged with sadness much of the time.
-Height: 182 cm
-Build: Athletic, chiseled build. Decently broad shoulders, but of medium frame size.
-Automail: Left arm.(Aluminized Carbon-fiber based alloy)

-Possessions usually found on persona:
-Leather-bound Notebook and Pen
-Standard military issue pistol tucked under the back of his belt or in a kidney holser as backup firepower, though he never intends on having to use it. Alchemy is enough.
-A couple of handfuls of hard candies, wrapped and stuffed into just about any pocket of his clothes he’s able to. These come in various flavours, but require a certain acquired taste to fully appreciate.
-Specialized earplugs
-State Alchemists’ Pocket Watch fixed at his left hip.
-Patterned white leather Wallet attached to a belt-chain beside his pocket watch.
-A set of uniform white gloves, or a set of similar black gloves. Both are made of Pyrotex cloth, and both are embroidered with his personal transmutation array on the palms. The black gloves are embroidered in a thread of a dark gunmetal grey; the design easily escapes view that way.

-Typical Choice of Clothing: When not in the uniform of the State Military, he prefers dark, stylishly tailored jeans with a white, patterned and studded belt. Though he prefers the trend of trendy white shoes, military boots are more common, given his occupation. Either a fashionable button-up, collared shirt, or more casual slim-fit t-shirts are worn while off-the-job; he likes to appear clean-cut. He can be meticulous about his appearance. And when weather requires it, he dons a leather jacket with a uniquely asymmetrical lapel. All accoutrements, such as tourniquet bracelet worn on his right wrist, and piercings in his ears are decorated with some sign of Nitrogen; either a hexagon, roman numeral seven, or the alchemic rune -a circle with a vertical line down the center.

-Other Clothing: Night Ops uniform and small collection of Xingese traditional clothing.

-Tattoos or Scarring: A collection of encrypted notes which he gradually adds to, beginning to form an intricate pattern of otherworldly looking symbols down his upper back and across the breadth of his shoulders. The notes are not only encrypted, but written backwards. The entire design thus far, has formed somewhat of a inverted triangle shape.

Kade’s father and mother met and were married in Xing. His father had traveled there to serve as an ambassador of Amestris. He was a man whose career was in foreign relations. Brian was his name. Since his time in Xing was long-lived, being stationed there for several years, he’d been provided the the perfect opportunity to get settled down and start a family even though that was not initially his intention.

Kasumi, Kade’s mother, was from the Xingese clan Weisheng, who were involved in periodic conflict with other neighboring clans. Of those, Fang, Rongsi and Cixi were the most powerful. Kasumi's family were all in immediate service to the Clan’s chieftain, living near his estate.

During the event that Weisheng's Chief departed to attend a summit at the Palace of the Emperor, being accompanied by Kade's father as well as an entourage Weisheng soldiers, an attack on the estage ensued, targetin the Chief's wife and children. Left with lighter defenses, many of the men and women who remained fought, but Kasumi and Kade's eldest sister together, attended the children, ushering them to safety amidst the battle. Unfortunately, Kade's sister was slain during the invasion.
Kasumi's youngest had been left at home with their grandparents -Kasumi's parents- while their mother worked. It was common that she did so, feeling that things were safe enough to leave them there, with only her elderly parents to watch over them. Falling under seige, Kade's grandparents sent the children into hiding; Kade (age 7 at the time)and his brother, a little more than a year older than he, carried their little sister with them into nearby fields, taking refuge there until morning, when the dust and smoke had finally settled.
A couple of days later, the Weisheng Chief and their father both returned to a home left in ruin. Shortly after, their father, Brian, moved the family to Amestris where they could live in safety.

The children were all naturalized quickly, becoming citizens of Amestris, being enrolled in schools there. It took a little time for them to assimilate to the culture, considering they were accustomed to one of open conflict, but eventually, they grew used to how things were there. They became fluent in the Amestrian language and also began studying western alchemy. They'd experienced the practical uses of Xingese Alkahestry as practiced by their grandparents in the home, but Western Alchemy was a complete anomaly to them. And their curiosity of course go the better of them. Though, Kade’s draw to alchemy was also fueled by childhood fantasies of the famed State Alchemists he'd heard about from his father.

As children, they tagged along with their father when he visited the Central Library using its resources at those times to study Alchemy. Both boys possessed a great affinity for the craft, but only retained a basic knowledge of the Alkahestry of their homeland.

Much later however, their paths diverged when Kogan became greedy, unable to leave their past in Xing behind him; so he decided to try to transmute their sister and bring her back from the dead. Actually, both boys had trouble leaving their past in Xing behind them, but Kade never let that control him like his brother did.

At the age of 18, Kade was preparing to leave for South City to join the Military when he discovered Kogan's preparations to create a circle of human transmutation. Believing it unethical, whether or not it was possible, they began to argue as Kade tried to dissuade him from doing something stupid. Their heated dispute of words however, grew into a fight of fists until Kogan took a knife to his brother to fend him off, then using the same blade to take his own blood to provide the ‘soul’ for transmutation.

In a desperate effort, Kogan scrambled into the circle to deposit the final ingredient while Kade recovered himself with a knife wound to the abdomen. Though Kade made it to the edge of the circle, grabbing ahold of his brother to pull him away, it was too late to stop the process. The circle activated, lighting up with sick blackish-purple energy of a kind that neither of them had ever seen before. Kogan was drawn completely into the Gate when it opened, becoming lost to it, while Kade had barely entered the circle; but his arm's reach was enough. It was enough to be transfigured along with his brother. Only, Kogan lost his entire body, and Kade lost that arm,desperately reaching to hold on to what Was.

Knowing less than his brother about biological alchemy, he was unable to do anything to help save his brother’s life, or even begin to bring him back. It took him a long time to recover mentally from the shock of all that had happened, and emotionally from the loss of another sibling. In some ways, he blames himself for what happened, thinking he didn't do enough to stop his brother or realize in time just what Kogan had planned. He's also very cautious now, with his thoughts and his practice of anything concerning Alchemy where it involves Life.

Over the next two years his body grew fully accustomed to the use of the automail that would replace his left arm,. It took him just as long to forgive his brother, to forgive himself for what happened.

After fully recovering from the incident, at least physically, Kade still had time to join the military, and wasted not a second in doing so. It had always been his dream to join the military like his father had, and to prove himself worthy of becoming an elite State Alchemist.

So, Kade and his father fabricated a story for him; a story of how Kade had lost his arm trying to save his brother's life during an industrial accident as they worked on the railroads. They had both worked there before the incident. After about a year, Kade went back to it, working up his strength again, and becoming more dextrous with the new artificial limb.

Kade’s alchemy had only minimally been influenced by the Alkahestry of his heritage until it was decided he’d be a perfect candidate for assisting in the study of the applications of Alkahestry because of his mixed heritage and his first hand understanding of the culture and language. The State's new project also gave him more opportunity to study just how he might be able to salvage his brother from the Gate. If it was even possible. But at the same time, reluctance to meddle in such forbidden & questionable acts kept him from pursuing it with much ardor. All of his study of it has been theoretical to this point.

It was in about in his 5th year of service, at the age of 25, that Kade was transferred to Xing's Capital in order to focus his studies on Alkahestry full time and to teach Xingese Alchemists about Amestrian Alchemy practices. He was one of a small number of other State Alchemists of varying fields who were chosen for the task. During his stay in Xing, he was able to meet up with some of his mother’s family he’d not seen since he was a young boy. His time in Xing was well spent and he felt almost as much at home there as in Amestris.

After almost a year there, it's been just in the last few short weeks that he's returned from Xing to Central Command, preparing for possible reassignment after brief furlough.

-Rather charismatic type, but a very independent sort
-Detail oriented
-A brilliant mind in regards to alchemy
-Kade is a very curious person; indeed a scientist. He’s analytical and tends to be exacting.
-He can be spontaneous and enjoys thrills and being outside in the field, so he may not be the typical lab-coat scientist of popular stereotypical concept. In fact, he hates being in a lab coat or in a lab in general, but begrudgingly recognizes that avoiding lab studies won’t always accomplish his goals. He simply prefers being more Hands-On.
-Studious in his own right, even if he avoids labs.
-Kade believes that he’s more intellectual than most other humans, in part because of his pride as a very talented alchemist, thus he does come off as being a Know-it-all and probably rather egotistical to others.
-He’s a kind person though, usually polite and generous ...but only begrudgingly so with his money.
-Yes, he is a skeptical sort, full of questions.
-Tends to joke around a lot and jests with his words, though he’s not a bubbly person. He’s a bit cynical of the world, in fact. However, he’s fuuullll of sarcasm; quite the smart ass. But he is rather serious most of the time aside from his attempts to humour.
-Kade is loyal, dutiful, but not beyond questioning orders, and not overly sentimental.
-Can be romantic, but internalizes his feelings so it’s not always clear how he feels about a person, or what he’s thinking. And he doesn’t consider himself necessarily chivalrous.
-Focused and determined, regardless of how aloof he seems at times.
-Iron willed and fierce when he gets his mind set on something.
-Resentful of his brother’s past actions. Angry about the attempted human transmutation.
-Typically level headed; well grounded.
-Doesn’t usually anger easily, but IS grudge bearing against the clan responsible for the death of his sister. And he’s actually still angry at his brother, too, after all these years, for what he did. In that light, does have a hard time letting go of the past.

-Likes trains -building them, riding them, and making models of them.
-Martial arts/ physical training exercises.
-A natural talent for alchemy. And of course alchemy gives him the excuse to create explosions
-Bartending. His particular brand of alchemy makes it easy to chill drinks on the spot, create a smoother, frothier beer and bubblier champagnes. He can also create sodas or carbonated, flavoured waters/ drinks out of just about any beverage. This only became a hobby of his after he joined the State Military, and he’s been quite popular because of it.
-Really dark chocolate

Unskillful at/Dislikes:
-Dislikes talking much about his brother, and avoids conversation having to do with the Portal that took his brother from him.
-Dislikes being behind a desk/ sitting still/ being in the lab. He would rather be out in the field. It’s better to gag, blindfold and restrain him before dragging him into one of the lab buildings lest he try to escape. He’s been known to ‘accidentally’ blow entire lab rooms out of this plane of existence to get himself out of it, and prove the point that his alchemy is best suited for the field.
Mannerisms/ Quirks:
-Always a witty retort.
-Smokes when he’s stressed. Usually a casual cigarette or two once every few weeks.

-Doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut or thoughts to himself sometimes.
-When under a lot of stress, has symptomatic nightmares

Fighting Style/Favoured Weapon:
For the sake of doing his duty and protecting the citizens of the country, diplomacy comes first. Hand to hand perhaps on the next level of escalation. During his time in Xing, he adapted a few traits of Xingese combat styles into his own. He’s a little guarded about using alchemy openly in combat unless a situation requires it, and typically considers using alchemy as an automatic unfair advantage over most opponents. He does carry a pistol issued to him by the military, but doesn’t suspect he’ll ever use it except on a firing range. He doesn’t see much use in it unless he needs to avoid alchemy altogether -or unless for some reason he’s unable to transmute. But alchemy is second nature, so the instinct is to resort to alchemy in times of need.

Kade uses various isotopes, compounds, allotropes and hydrates of Nitrogen. Those of most common use by him currently due to their relatively simple nature are mostly various forms of liquid nitrogen sometimes mixed with hydrazine(contact explosives), and Solid forms/ nitrates/ nitrites (some requiring ignition source of his gloves). Creates the pressure needed to detonate the nitrogen through his alchemical transmutations.

Alchemy Abilities:
Alchemy Specialization: Nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the world’s most powerful oxidants and therefore, most powerful explosives, due to the fact that it causes a destabilization of other elements it reacts with, thereby creating compounds that are highly volatile. Nitrogen is also one of the most common elements in the universe -including our planet. In fact, it comprises approximately 78% of the atmosphere. If all the atmosphere was oxygen, the first spark could start a fire which would burn out of control and quickly consume earth's forests and other combustibles. But, because nitrogen dilutes oxygen's efficacy at supporting combustion, that is unlikely to happen.

As far as explosive capability, Nitrogen does not deflagrate however, it can set off the detonation of surrounding fuel. The power and heat of Nitrogen explosives therefore, is not derived from the decomposition of matter into flame but rather, since it requires no fuel to detonate, nitrogen creates concussive explosions by method of near-instantaneous, pressure induced eruptions, thus becoming a completely self-sustained shock-wave that travels at 30 times the speed of sound and liberating a blast of heat of about 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit (9,030 degrees Celsius). Moreover, the gasses generated by the explosions are more than 1,200 times the original volume, at ordinary temperature and pressure.

For people closest to the blast radius during the event of nitrogen explosions, there are four types of blast effects on the human body: Overpressure (shock), fragmentation, impact and heat. Overpressure is the sudden, drastic increase in pressure that may become significant enough to damage organs, etc, possibly leading to death. Fragmentation involves injury by shrapnel and other debris from around the blast source. Impact involves possibly violent levels of acceleration and possibly deceleration if a person impacts directly against a rigid surface or obstacle after being set in motion. Heat produced by the nitrogen blast may cause other combustibles to incinerate, causing further burns, etc.

Current Research:  
-In short, creation and utilization of a Nitrogen Diamond (N4)
-Applications of alkahestry in Amestrian Military & Society. In that way, he’s also begun studying how Nitrogen alchemy might assist patients in the medical field vs. on the battlefield.
-Nitrous gas envelope explosion
-Inert nitrogen gas bubbles in human blood -isolating and creating desired symptoms in certain regions of the body.
-Other private research includes trying to uncover the truth of the Gate of Truth and whether or not he can pull his brother’s body and soul back out of it, if he were to return there. But he’s not sure how to open it again, nor whether or not he would be able to retrieve his brother and bring him back to this world, given that he didn’t technically die upon this plane. So.. would that be considered human transmutation? Would it be a forbidden transmutation? He’s torn over those unanswered questions and has not shared his thoughts about them with anyone.

Transmutation Circle: Use of a transmutation circle unnecessary, but he wears his particular array embroidered into the palm of his uniform gloves. Included within it are the alchemy symbols for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Iodine. The Hexagon and Septagon are also present. He’s worked signs of alkahestry into it as well, more recently, after pursuing studies in Xing.

Light Colour:  Violet light

[Nitro’s Instant Bubbling Beverage.]: Comes in all flavours.
-Rank of Ability: T1
-Element: Nitrogen
-Description of Ability: Used to pressurize drinks such as sodas and beers, filling the dispensed beverage with tiny bubbles of nitrogen that make for a smooth and frothy drinking experience. Of course, Nitro can do this to any beverage of choice, adding a nice spritz to any flavour of drink desired.

[Laughing Gas]:
-Rank of Ability: T1
-Element: Nitrogen and Oxygen
-Description of Ability: N2O. It is an oxide of nitrogen. At room temperature, it is a colourless, non-flammable gas, with a slightly sweet odor and taste. It possesses anaesthetic and analgesic effects. Its effects are euphoric upon inhaling it, thus, it is a dissociative anaesthetic. Nitrogen gas by itself may cause asphyxiation and even death.

[Smoke Bomb]:
-Rank of Ability:  T1
-Element: Nitrogen and Potassium
-Description of Ability:  Potassium Nitrate, aka Saltpeter, and sugar react together form a cloud of carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen gas, and potassium carbonate. Colour depends on other gases/ elements/ chemicals involved, if any. The sugar in this equation often comes from the hard candies he keep in his pocket, specially made by him for such an occasion that he might decide to throw one like a little smoke grenade to provide some cover for a quick escape.

[Modified Atmosphere Flame Suppression]:
-Rank of Ability:  T2
-Element: Nitrogen
-Description of Ability: At room temperature , Nitrogen is non combustible and dilutes oxygen's efficacy at supporting combustion. So, dispersing oxygen with an excess of the surrounding nitrogen air, and speeding up the process of atmospheric cooling to a normal one, the fires die out, no longer having fuel to burn them. Likewise, If there is the threat of fire, it’s possible to create a ‘shell’ of nitrogen that protects combustibles from coming into contact with a higher concentration of oxygen that would allow deflagration.

[Precision Cutting]:
-Rank of Ability:  T2
-Element: Nitrogen & Oxygen
-Description of Ability: The oxygen fueled gas cutting process, using nitrogen as a propellant, creates a chemical reaction with base metals at high temperature and pressure, as well as altered (time/space) through alchemy, to effectively instantly 'cut' through it. The high-pressure stream, being combusted at the same time, is as effective as a hot knife in slicing through butter, but depending on the material focused for the cut, the alchemy will be slightly different; or more or less effective. This is due to the fact that certain metals may be more or less resistant to the oxidation process that decomposes them, and the transmutation may have to be adjusted to take different materials into consideration.
The high pressure air stream and combusted gas create a molten oxide path through the metal they touch, creating an incredibly clean and precise cut.
Theoretically, this might be able to be used on the human body, but Kade has been reluctant to meddle with such a thing.

[Nitric Acid Bullets]:
-Rank of Ability:  T3
-Element: Nitrogen
-Description of Ability: Like rain drops or a projectile like bullets, this ability takes Nitrogen Hydrates and forms them into volatile, liquid drops that will explode on contact with whatever they come into contact with. Theoretically, this ability could be scaled into larger Bombs so to speak, but using the explosive power of nitrogen in such a way would be far too devastating and reckless. This ability could also be used as say, a puddle of liquid on the ground, left like a booby trap for unsuspecting victims to step upon, thus detonating it, but again, doing so was only asking for unintended casualties. Especially in an metropolis like South City.

[Cold Burn]:
-Rank of Ability:  T3
-Element: Nitrogen/ LN2
-Description of Ability: Cooling nitrogen in the air significantly enough to bring it to a liquid form. Nitrogen boils at (−195.8°C or −320.4°F). Coming into contact with the liquid will cause severe frostbite as it freezes living tissue. i.e. Cold Burns.
When brought into contact with something significantly warmer than it is, this causes a Leidenfrost effect, meaning that the liquid instantly evaporates upon contact, returning to its gaseous form in an envelope around whatever it touches, becoming highly volatile again.

[Compressed Nitrogen Propellant]:
-Rank of Ability:  T4
-Element: Nitrogen
-Description of Ability: Because of how quickly liquid nitrogen boils and then evaporates into a significantly larger volume, it can generate a lot of pressure,thus create extremely explosive forces; Enough force to propel a gas tank through the vaulted ceiling above it, shatter concrete beams, and blow surrounding walls off their foundations by several inches. If human life were not the target of it, then injury might very well occur by residual effects of surroundings affected by it; but should a human be targeted by such force, it would be like getting slammed by a train. Of course, there are varying degrees of force that could be created by this ability, making it only enough to throw a man off his feet or enough to bust through the side of a building, or crush a man’s body.

[Featherweight Bombs]:
-Rank of Ability:  T4
-Element: NI3/ Nitrogen and Iodine
-Description of Ability: Nitrogen iodide. Appearing as a solid, when dry, this is an extremely sensitive contact explosive; much more sensitive than dynamite/ nitroglycerine.  It can be detonated by the slightest vibration or touch of a feather, emitting an extremely sharp, loud crack when it explodes, and erupting into a purple cloud cloud of iodine vapour.
For a source of iodine, Kade keeps a stash of hard candies with him, that are really just chunks of iodine salts he’s transmuted into large enough rocks to be more easily carried. These are used similarly as the smoke bombs he crafts with his alchemy, only, these little featherweight bombs, even at candy-size, are far more damaging than a bullet. And if multiples are used to alchemically meld into an even larger ‘bomb’ of sorts, getting hit with one is equivalent to getting hit with a grenade or larger size.

This is an ability that could be used on a larger scale, but at great risk; and that risk is something Kade won’t take under most circumstances.

-Rank of Ability:  T5
-Element: Nitrogen
-Description of Ability:

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Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: KADE'S STATE ALCHEMIST CERTIFICATE   Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist) EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 10:23 pm

Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist) Certificatenitroalchemist_zps3d3c13ec
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Kade Marshall -State Alchemist (Nitro Alchemist)
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