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PostSubject: :: DRAKE WHOLESALE ::   :: DRAKE WHOLESALE :: EmptySun Jun 08, 2014 6:46 pm

The Drake family owns a number of business locations throughout Amestris, though primarily within the capitol cities of each Province. Together, the family runs a series of auction houses where New and Used automail, automail parts, cars, train cars, anything with a motor or complex mechnical parts, is auctioned off. They periodically also see other special interest items through their location. Items must typically be Draw items, or part of a large lot of items in order to be sold through their business.

Usually they don't handle inventory such as military equipment where weaponry is involved, though often, the same manufacturers they deal with to get their new cars and automail parts are the same producer of machines used by the military. Drake Wholesale holds a contract with such manufacturers to help them market and wholesale their products, so that they can get them out on the market, into the hands of smaller businesses and mom and pop shops. Drake Wholesale doesn't buy them, they're just the middle man between buyer and seller, receiving commission and other service fees.

Most of their customers are automail mechanic shop owners who source their automail parts through the wholesale services, though they do attract large business and even goverment entities for the remarketing of used government vehicles or the sale of more special interest vehicles such as new cars for those wealthy enough to afford them. Special events are hosted for such vehicles as those, as well as for train cars, steam engines and steam powered tractors for large, outlying farms. They used to deal more heavily with horse drawn buggies, but have more recently moved to excluding those from their wholesale, moving into strictly mechanical sales.

The Drake family has owned and operated their business for two, going on three generations, their largest locations being in South City and Central City. Each location employs several people for various tasks, and each of their family members tends to remain within the business or within related trade.
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