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 Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist)

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Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist)   Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) EmptyFri Dec 19, 2014 1:54 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Pen Name:
Recruited by:
(If you prefer to receive a PM via forums instead of email, just say so)

:: Character Information ::
Name: Buster Wolf

Code Name: TBA

ID Number: TBA

Age & Date of Birth: 19, 1918

Gender: Male

Character Class: Alchemist, Military, Swordsman

Ethnicity: Amestrian/Ishvalan

Nationality: Amestris

Language: Amestrian

Province & City of Residence: Central

Place of Birth: Eastern

Rank/Occupation/Role: Lance-Corporal, (Future State Alchemist)

Specialization: Alchemy, Sword-fighting

Family: Gunnar and Cordelia Wolf (Father and Mother respectively. ) Reiner Wolf (Brother), Scarlet Mathis (Half-Sister), Ponce Mathis (Step-Father)


::Hair: Buster’s hair is a long, silky white mop. Not to say it looks like a moppy-dread type of style, but you get what I mean. He usually keeps it tied back in a pony tail, allowing two long strands of hair to drape over his forehead on either side of his skull.

::Eyes: Buster possesses pale, plum colored eyes. Some would compare them to that of a lavender-colored flower, or Fuchsia.

::Height: Buster happens to be fairly tall. He stands at 6’1”, towering over the average citizens of the time period.

::Build: Having been in the State Military for nearly two years, that have worked him to the point of near death. Even though he isn’t a meat-head, his body is substantially toned.

::Automail: Due to his experience with the Gate of Truth, Buster has two automail hands. The automail extends from his wrist to just below his elbow, still allowing him a full range of motion with his elbows.

::Possessions usually found on persona: Buster carries and wears a special yellow-bandana that once belonged to his younger brother. He holds it in high regard, and is rarely ever seen without it wrapped around his forehead. He also sports two military-grade swords. (Identical to King Bradley's swords. )
(Remember, Military carry at least a standard issue pistol)

::Typical Choice of Clothing: When not wearing the typical State Military uniform, he can be seen wearing something along these lines. -- http://prntscr.com/5iek0g

::Tattoos or Scarring: Buster carries large, burn-like scars around his arms where his automail attaches to his elbow region. On the backs of his automail hands are transmutation circles, which are specially etched on their to allow him to perform his brother’s alchemy.

History: Buster and his younger brother Reiner grew up without a father. This was something that really touched him, and is what shaped him into what he is today. Despite losing his father a young age, nothing too game-changing or life-threatening happened to him until the age of 18. His mother, Cordelia, re-married with another man; Ponce Mathis. Though being reluctant towards approving this marriage, Buster allowed it. Ponce treated his mother and younger brother with enough respect to allow him to join the family. This was what the family needed. This is what Buster’s mother needed. She needed someone to love again, someone to hold again, someone to hold her again. Buster actually developed a close bond with his Step-father Ponce. It prompted him to join the Military in unison with his Step-Father, and even his little brother. Despite only being 16 years old, Reiner was an Alchemic genius. Although it took a bit of bribing on Ponce’s part, he was able to convince Buster’s younger brother to try out for the yearly State Alchemist exam. Buster always looked up to his younger brother, extremely admiring his prowess in Alchemy. Little did he know, Reiner felt the same way about his older brother and his Sword-fighting skills. The State Military recognized Reiner’s talents, and accepted him as a State Alchemist, dubbing him the “Thunder Alchemist”, due to his near mastery over Lightning-based Alchemy. Over the course of the first year in the Military, Ponce and Coredlia brought the family with news that they were adding another family member to their circle; A baby sister. To put it lightly, Reiner and Buster were ecstatic. They would be able to shape their baby sister into the ultimate prodigy. With Reiner’s Alchemy skills and Buster’s sword-fighting abilities, they were going to form their baby sister into a legend. Or that was the plan, at least..    One fateful night, Central Command was attacked by a rogue terrorist organization. Despite dispatching the attack with minimal ease, Ponce was caught in the line of fire, and as a result, passed away. The family was devastated, especially Cordelia. This wasn’t supposed to happen. They were supposed to live out a healthy, fantastic life, as one big, happy family. God didn’t envision it that way. But, who's to say they couldn’t defy God? God took away their chance at a happy family.. So they were going to turn God’s cruel decision against him.. And bring Ponce back. They knew what it was like growing up without a father.. And neither boy wanted that for their baby sister. Although Buster dabbled in Alchemy here and there, his skill was nowhere near his younger brothers. So he relied on him to get the ritual ready. Despite the strict rules against Human Transmutation within the State Military, they performed it anyways. Who was going to find out, right? Little did the brothers know, Amestris as a whole would find out about their sin soon enough. Reiner gathered the necessary materials, lying down the Transmutation circles within an abandoned shed outside of Central. Everything was going according to plan, so long as no one found out.

After giving each other a mutual look for confirmation, they placed their hands together, palm-to-palm, and slammed them to the ground. Immediately, a purple light emitted from the circle. Dark-purple electrical discharges flashed about. A giant eye opened itself up inside of the Transmutation circle, serving as some type of portal to another realm. Black hands shot from the eye, taking ahold of Reiner, and Buster’s hands. Reiner’s body dissolved in a matter of seconds, leaving Buster to himself. Before long, he found himself in an entirely white-coloured void. What the hell was this place? He definitely had no idea, seeing as he wasn’t that big of an Alchemist. A large stone gateway stood before him, slowly opening up. It didn’t take long for him to be sucked into the doorway, thrown into a rollercoaster of images. The pure motion of spiralling through all of the information struck his head with a migraine from hell. Buster awoke the next morning with two nubs for arms wrapped in bandages, in some type of hospital. Through several nurses, he learned that his younger brother, Reiner was no where to be found. He had lost both of his hands in the ‘accident’, and his unborn baby sister had.. passed away inside of his mother’s womb. His mother, Cordelia, was omitted to a mental institution in Central due to a psychotic breakdown. Not only did he lose his younger brother and sister, he lost the ability to change the world.. His sister’s world, with his own hands. Despite performing Human Transmutation, the State Military allowed him  stay within their ranks. He was demoted to the lowest rank possible, and was forced to work his way back up. For the past year and a half, he had stolen his brother’s Alchemic research notes and began learning how to use Reiner’s special Lightning-Based Alchemy. He intended on becoming a State Alchemist to not only carry on Reiner’s legacy, but prove to his mother that he actually can be someone.

Personality: Pre-Gate of Truth- Buster was a very loud, engaging individual. He loved to crack jokes, and be the absolute center of attention. Most would find him obnoxious and annoying, but it was who he was. And no one tried to change that. He was extremely easy to get along with, literally approaching and talking to anyone and everyone. He was a greedy individual, taking his family and the things he owned for granted rather than down-right enjoying it all. To sum it up, he was an ignorant, hilarious, engaging person.

Post-Gate of Truth- After engaging the Gate of Truth, Buster has become a more calm, collective man. He has dropped his friendly nature for a more secluded one. Rather than approaching conversations, or engaging people in one, he sits back in the ‘shadows’ alone, observing. Even though he isn’t what one would describe as a hermit, he is not an amiable person. He can still hold a conversation well, but will often opt out of being in them. One could say he is uncomfortable around strangers now, being very self-conscious about his automail hands. Despite being a very sequestered being on the outside, he is a kind-hearted and cordial person on the outside.

Hobbies/ Likes:
1) Sword-Fighting- Buster enjoys sword-fighting mainly because of the fact that this is one of the things he is skillful at.

2) Eating- Buster enjoys eating due to his high metabolism and goal to try as many foods as possible before his death.

3) Sewing- Despite little to no people knowing about this hidden talent, Buster likes makings clothes and fixing them.

Dislikes/ Unskillful at:
1) Being Judged- Buster does not like being judged, especially about his automail hands.

2) Drawing- Buster absolutely hates drawing and colouring based on the sole fact that he is bad at it.

3) Sweets- Buster does not like sweet foods. He thinks they aren’t too ‘cool’.

Mannerisms/ Quirks:
1) Buster usually keeps his left hand in his pocket at all times, and his right hand free, or resting on the hilt of his sword.
2) Buster possesses a very unattractive laugh. Whenever he laughs uncontrollably, he snorts.

1) Cooking- Despite wanting to be a famous chef, he is terribly bad at cooking.
2) Shooting- Being in the Military, Buster should be a great shot. He is not.

Fighting Style/ Favoured Weapon:
Being in the Military, Buster always carries a standard issue pistol strapped to his left side. His main fighting-style revolves around Swords, and utilizing his Lightning-Based Alchemy with his sword-fighting skills. He has two Transmutation circles enscribed on the back of his automail hands, allowing for him to perform his special type of Alchemy.


b]Secondary Alchemist Bio[/b]

:: Abilities ::
Alchemy Specialization: Lightning Based Alchemy, Combat Alchemy

Current Research: Things pertaining to his younger brother’s research, which include weather, Lightning patterns, Things related to Lightning and Fire-based Alchemy.

Transmutation Circle: (One is currently being made.)

Light Colour: Yellow.

:: Electric Arc ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 3
::Element: Lightning
::Description of Ability: Buster claps his hands together, allowing the transmutation circles inscribed on the backs of his automail hands to shine a vibrant yellow colour. He thrusts his palms out, shooting a chain of yellow lightning towards his target. If there are multiple opponents, the attack bounces from one adversary to the next, striking up to three opponents.

:: Buster Bolt ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 2
::Element: Lightning
::Description of Ability: Buster claps his palms together, emitting a bright yellow glow from the lightning-based transmutation circles on the back of his automail hands. Thrusting his palms out, a large, yellow bolt of lightning rockets forth, shocking whoever/whatever his target may be.

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Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist)   Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) EmptySat Dec 20, 2014 3:26 am

Kay, here we go Razz

Eyes: Though as far as I'm aware, the FMA realm doesn't use unnatural eye colours except for Gold (reserved for those who hail from Xerxes), I'm willing to agree on pale plum/ purpleish eyes or something between red and blue (which equals some range of purple Razz ) IF Buster has Ishvalan blood in him somewhere. Maybe his grandfather was Ishvalan or something, and he happened to get the traits of white hair and reddish eyes.. but because his mother had blue eyes, the red and blue genes crossed to give him lavender eyes.

Which now totally reminds me of Drizzt Do'urden. Especially with the long white hair hehehe.

Anyway, the white hair and the strangely coloured eyes would be more Ishvalan. So, his Ethnicity you could input as partial Ishvalan, partial Amestrian, but his Nationality and Language are strictly Amestrian because he never was raised learning Ishvalan traditions or anything. Though, that could add an interesting background plot point/ RP point, considering that if he loooks different people may assume he's Ishvalan and not treat him the same. :0 Even with the growing acceptance of Ishvalans on the whole, in this setting. There are still racial tensions.

Rank: I'd suppose if he's been in military for two years and they're punishing him by booting him back to bottom of the totem pole, that he is still a private or maybe lance corporal.. though.. .unless that happened with the gate of truth thing in his first few short months, that he's been on inactive duty doing more mundane things since he just got his hands replaced.. He may be keeping the rest of his body in shape alright, adjusting his exercises in physical training for not having fullest, most coordinated use of his hands, but automail usually takes about year at least, to get completely used to if one has never had it before. So, he can't have been on fully active duty until perhaps relatively recent, thereby i doubt he's been repromoted yet.. no?? Feel free to share your thoughts on all this ^.^

History: Would like to see .. paragraphs! Razz you ...are a dork. Wink lol I tease, but I'm totally laughing because that first long bit of his history is like.. all over the place in one long wall of text. lol Which is not something i'd disapprove a bio for Razz but it makes it easier to read if it flows in paragraphs. Wink

Also, minor detail for his history, Smile Wink but i believe the reason Ed claps his hands in the anime is because since he's seen the gate of truth, he uses his own body as a transmutation circle instead of having to use a drawn one. So, the brothers clapping their hands together would be useles if they have't seen the gate of truth yet.

I think maybe... it could be a plot point for his RP that perhaps.. the military knowing he had tried to transmute a human, perhaps they are reluctant to let him try for the exams when they come around. Maybe that's a personal battle of his and a battle against the bureaucracy so to speak, because they're leery of letting him in after a grave offense like that. Because it's court marshallable. So perhaps he's afraid he won''t get to take the exams at all ^.^ ohhhh dun dun dun!

However... then, because he's carrying on his brohter's legacy, and the military decides they want his alchemy, they decide to overlook the offense if he'll do research for him and prove he can make it all up to them down the line by doing his part in being a military dog >D haha.


Personality: After the gate of truth encounter, I'd like to understand a little more why he becomes such an introvert after that point. is it because he's still struggling with the grief of loss and coping with his changed situation in life? or perhaps he's been ostracized by those he used to call his friends after they found out what he did and he got himself court marshalled for the offense? all of the above? etc? and since he's self conscious about his automail hands, does he tend to wear gloves to hide them?

Also, is it possible that his non-reclusive side will come out a little more when he works through any such issues, or is he forever completely changed.. at least for some foreseeable years to come? Would he be more open around a team he's spent a lot of time with in the field and comes to trust?

Mannerisms: haha love his "unattractive laugh" hehehhe. that's funny.
and ... not that you haaave to do this, it just came to mind bc of the images conjured about him always wanting to be around fooood...haha you should totally add for the sake of RP that he disappears into restaurants for food at random times or something like that bc he likes food so much Razz hahha. that'd be funny
*character is walking along talking to buster and realizes he's no longer there* o.0 Buster? Where did you...? -.- *searches the food shops, first*

Shortcomings: the two things you put here could be added to his unskillful at/ dislikes section, but Shortcomings would be more along the lines of personality flaw, so try to come up with a couple of those like... you could even make this "stubborn pride" or "easily offended" or "grudge bearing" ... or something having to do with his gate of truth experience along the lines of "since he's become more withdrawn from others, it has been difficult to maintain long lasting relationships, and he's lost many friends through the changes." etc

I'll get to looking at the alchemy part of his bio tomrorow . its really late and i need to sleep to get up and do christmas shopping tomorrow >D soooo when i get back, i'll finish bio critiques. Smile

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Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist)   Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 8:26 pm

Buster's military ID number will be ICG6609, regardless of what rank he starts out with. Once he attains state military status of course, we'll get him a proper code name ^.^ Until then, you are more than welcome to give him another temporary code name if you want, similar to other military men and women.

I'll critique his abilities once you have them all added. Unless you only want to have him use those two that are listed for now.In which case I'll individually approve others that you want to add, as you decide what abilities there will be. Though I'd prefer it all at once to get him started. Or at least have a better idea of what he's working toward.
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Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist)   Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist) Empty

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Buster Wolf-- Military Alchemist (Future State Alchemist)
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