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 Wing's achievement tracking

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PostSubject: Wing's achievement tracking   Wing's achievement tracking EmptyFri Dec 19, 2014 9:48 pm


[_]Create your first Civilian

[_]Create your first Alchemist

[_]Create your first Non Alchemist Military member

[_]Create your first Human Chimera

[_]Create your first Class A character

[_]Create your first Class B character

[_]Create your first Class C character

[_]Create your first Class D character

[_]Create your first Class E character

[_]Adopt a Character

Reward: Choose your own Account Rank Name/ Name Colour for the board.

[_]Level up a character to Class C

[_]Level up a character to Class B

[_]Level up a character to Class A

[_]Learn your first new Tier 1 ability

[_]Learn your first new Tier 2 ability

[_]Learn your first Tier 3 ability

[_]Learn your first Tier 4 ability

[_]Learn your first Tier 5 ability

[_]Be involved in a major plot

[_]Be involved in a minor plot

[_]Start a new plot

Reward: Be awarded a FREE additional ability for any one Alchemist character, of any Tier that is character appropriate.[i.e. free personal discovery]

[_]Complete your first thread

[_]Start a new thread

[_]Post a Character History thread

[_]Complete 10 threads

[_]Complete 25 threads

[_]Complete 50 threads

Reward: Earn a FREE new ability of any Tier for one of your Alchemist characters that character appropriate. [i.e. free personal discovery] (or other rewards? to be added to.)

[_]Travel to another Province

[_]Travel to a countryside village

[_]Travel to a tourist town

[_]Travel through a desolate wilderness/wasteland

[_]Travel to a dangerous place

[_]Travel by train

[_]Travel by foot

[_]Travel by camel

[_]Travel by boat

[_]Travel by horse/ carriage

Reward: Moving up in the world! Win/Buy a car for your character! The rare, luxurious commodity of the day!

[_]Perform a successful Tier 1 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 2 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 3 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 4 transmutation

[_]Perform a successful Tier 5 transmutation

[_]A Tier 1 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 2 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 3 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 4 transmutation backfires

[_]A Tier 5 transmutation backfires

[_]Use a transmutation for something mundane

Rewards: Make a new great discovery! Your discovery will be published in the Central Tribune and everyone will want to buy it!(Admin approval required)

[_]Start a rumour

[_]Have a character do something 'illegal'

[_]Land a character in jail/ put on probation.

[_]Skip out on your chores

[_]Pick on something smaller or furrier than you are.

[_]Bully someone

[_]Start a fight

[_]Steal something

[_]Break up with your mate


[_]Participate in a yearly exam and fail

Reward: Coal :PJust kidding. How about a Chimera for a pet? One of those rumoured unaccounted for Philosopher's Stone shards? A little Gold transmuting? Or perhaps the opportunity to play a Homunculus? And perhaps a wanted poster out for some revenge after all your trouble making

[_]Do a good deed/ help the needy

[_]Cheer a friend up

[_]Be the 'good example' to impress your superiors

[_]Dispel a rumour

[_]Help cover for a friend who skipped out on chores

[_]Make love, not war

[_]Make up with a break up

[_]Participate a yearly exam and pass

[_]Get promoted (military)


Reward: Your character will be recognized in game for their positive efforts and hard work. This could mean a bonus on your next pay check, a promotion to the next military rank, special permissions from authority figures, a medal of honour, a publication about you in the Tribune, an interview with you on the Radio as a talk show guest, etc. This might even mean being awarded one of those rumoured 'unaccounted for' Philosopher's Stone shards to help you in your quest for continuing good works.

[_]Participate in military training drills

[_]Start a food fight at the mess hall

[_]Take a day off

[_]Lose a fight

[_]Win a fight

[_]Go to the beach

[_]Get drunk

[_]Have your automail repaired/ visit your mechanic

[_]Buy new automail



Rewards: Be awarded the opportunity to create a unique character that might otherwise be disallowed, such as a Soul attached to a suit of armour, like Al. Oooor, maybe get your hands on one of those unaccounted for Philosopher's Stones.

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Wing's achievement tracking
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