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 Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved)

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Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) Empty
PostSubject: Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved)   Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 10:07 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Pen Name:
(However, it is rarely checked, with PMs being more likely to be responded to in a timely manner. Much appreciated either way.)

:: Character Information ::
Percival Messerschmidt

Code Name:

Tradewinds Alchemist

ID Number:
(To be assigned)

Age & Date of Birth:
18 years of age, May 24, 1918


Character Class:
State alchemist. Class B.



Amestrian, with a small amount of Xingese and Latin acquired through Alchemical and Alkahestrical research.

Province & City of Residence:
Amestris, Recently transferred to Central, despite his tendencies to move about. Notorious for being unable to stay in one place for long.

Place of Birth:
South Area, in Dublith

State Alchemist. Often sent to do work outside of Central despite being directly underneath central command.

Wind-Based Alchemy


Father: Alfred Messerschmidt, Amestrian civilian Alchemist, Age 45
Mother: Gwendolyn Messerschmidt, traditional doctor, Age 43

Sister: Bethany Messerschmidt, Soldier for Amestrian Army, (Deceased at age 18)
Brother: Gabriel Messerschmidt, Ex Conman, Age 24, Imprisoned on a life sentence
Best Friend: Jessie “Junkers” Stirling, Lieutenant for the Amestrian Military, Age 20

::Hair: Long, thick, wavy, and brown. It is parted at the left side of his head, fanning out just above the nape of his neck. The bangs are brushed in a wavy arch over his right eyebrow.
::Eyes: A light blue, with faint speckles within the iris.
::Height: 6’2”
::Build: Tall, with a relatively thin build. Though in the military, he isn’t very muscular.
::Possessions usually found on persona:
Almost always, he is seen with a suitcase in hand containing his clothes and a portrait of his family from when his brother and sister were still with him, as well as a pair of alchemical gloves gifted to him by his father. As a state alchemist, he keeps his pocket watch handy.
::Typical Choice of Clothing:
Potential A: Straw fedora, White dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, khaki slacks, loafers
Potential B: Black trench coat over a military uniform

::Tattoos or Scarring:
A scar beneath his left eye from a sailing accident.

Percival was born the third and final child to his branch of the Messerschmidt family. The runt of the litter, his parents doubted that he would last long, but surprised his parents by surpassing his siblings mentally instead of physically.
While his brother and sister were off playing, he was often too young to join them, leading him to spend any time outside of school with a book in hand. It was one fateful day that he ran out of books to read when he had entered his father’s study and stole one of his old books on alchemy. While at first scolded by his mother, his father smiled on this fact, and took him in as his pupil. Granted, the studies were difficult, he had excelled in them quickly, and impressed his father for his young age with his comprehension of the subject material.
This desire for knowledge only grew as he got older. He rarely communicated with people, but when he did, it was with those older than him, who found it delightful how much insight he had on alchemy and the world around him despite him being a mere youth.
At home, his relations with his siblings grew tighter as he grew older. Despite his being much younger, they went to him for any scientific advice. They and their friends wound up calling him “The baby with the brains.” This prevailed until he was age nine, when his sister – 18 at the time – was recruited and sent to the southwestern border between Creta and Amestris. It was there that she was killed by a shell that landed right on her trench. Percival had not received the news until he had returned home from school, only to find his parents crying over a letter with the seal of Amestris. Despite his knowledge, he had never experienced loss before, and knew not of how to react.
It was then that he was faced with the reality that he never did know how to respond to situations. He relied entirely on what he learnt in books and nothing more. He marched to his father the next day and requested that he learn even more about alchemy for the sake of bettering others and meeting more people. To this, his father agreed.
Percival was sixteen when he was first taught the alchemy passed down his family line known as “Tradewind Alchemy,” an alchemy that uses thermal energy levels in the atmosphere to change its direction and intensity. As its name suggests, it has been used by the Messerschmidt family to help with trade endeavors, specifically ones done via sailboat. It is because of this that, after four grueling months of training, his father took him out to the river west of Dublith to finally use his training for its original purpose. Though it was at first difficult, he was able to soon use the sailboat and wind in tandem. However, he soon got confident, and crashed the boat into a nearby patch of rocks, that sent a chunk of stone at his face, scratching his cheek with surprising accuracy.
Meanwhile, his brother took the loss of his closest sibling harshly, and lashed out at his parents, resorting to a more deceptive and cold approach, having used multiple aliases to get what he desired from other people. His crimes accumulated, varying from swindling to straight up thievery. He had gained a reputation for himself, until he was finally reprimanded. On November 24th, 1935, he was arrested. This slowed Percival’s research to a standstill as his parents coped with loss of their second son. In turn, the Messerschmidt parents had become strict, practically breathing down Percival’s neck. He felt tied down, and needed to escape. It wasn’t long after that he had declared that he, too, should set off on a journey of his own. Something that wasn’t very keen to his parents at first, but after a bit of thought, they realized that they had no choice.
He packed his suitcase and donned a straw fedora that he had transmuted a few years back. With a wide smile on his face, he departed for central to further his research.
When he arrived at the train station departed for central, his father ran to him and handed him a pair of gloves containing the transmutation circles he had learnt from him over the past year. He then boarded the train with a new confidence, knowing that he could potentially find a way to use the alchemy of his fathers
One fateful day in a library in central, Percival was approached by a member of the military named Jessie “Junkers” Stirling. He had seen Messerschmidt around the library and wanted to introduce himself formally. Though unused to the interaction, Percival gladly engaged in conversation with the man. It was Percival’s third day in central when it happened.
The next day, Junkers suggested that Percival take the state alchemist exam. It was that instant when Percival became wry, giving excuse after excuse as to why he wasn’t cut out for it. It took Junkers threatening him to finally convince him to take the exam. On his eighteenth birthday, Percival went and took the exam. To prove his wits, he had produced a stream of air that knocked each guard from where they stood before walking up to the Fuhrer with a curt bow. It was this that gave him the position of state alchemist, and his title of “Tradewinds Alchemist.”


Despite having a calm demeanor, it is only due to his immense pride in his capabilities. This often manifests through a surprisingly cheery mindset that stagnates and becomes impatient when left in the same place for longer than a few days at a time, with even that amount of time varying from place to place. If left unable to wander or explore, he will find a way to do it even if ordered not to; something that irritates his superiors. There have been times where he has wandered off in the middle of a meeting or research session, leaving people to wonder where he goes.
Probably the best way to explain his behavior is like the wind: ever-changing. It all depends on where he goes or what goes on around him, usually transmuting itself into the form of a witty retort or a rude comment. In turn, this gives others the impression that he is, in fact, very immature for his age. However, he can also be seen as immovable and harsh when the time calls for it, a side that is only seen when a nerve is struck or the situation is dire.

Hobbies/ Likes:
Whenever given the chance, he will go sailing. He also prefers to keep on the move, traveling and assisting others. He is highly adept in his field of alchemy. Rumor has it that he's really good at making a wise crack at someone if given the opportunity.

Dislikes/ Unskillful at:
If left in one place, he is rendered fidgety and unpredictable. He also tends to hate people pressuring him to do tasks, fleeing if given the option.

Much like Ling or Hohenheim, he tends to wind up face first in the ground from starvation after long periods of travel.

All of his transmutation circles must either be drawn, or accessed through the ones on his gloves, so he relies on those to perform alchemy.

His fighting skills tend to be a smidgen rusty, since he rarely gets into squabbles. However, in the event that he does enter combat, he is quick to readjust to the circumstances

Mannerisms/ Quirks:
He is always on the move, and with get incredibly fidgety and impatient if left in one place longer than he desires. He cannot stand the lack of exploration or research, and will only be able to stand still if given a book to read. unfortunately, he's already read all of the ones he has packed in his suitcase.


Though once regarded as mature for his age, he is now relatively immature and condescending. This tends to wind him up in some relatively negative social circumstances. Though he seems to do it intentionally, it usually comes without thinking. In turn, he tries shying away from those who cannot accept his tendencies.

His exploratory nature also winds him up in a lot of trouble, with pure luck often being the only reason he' still alive most of the time.

Fighting Style/ Favoured Weapon:
His father felt that he could use some training in the arts of combat during his time as a student. Over the course of each year, his father would help him enhance his mind and body further and further until he had a firm grasp on melee. During his travels, he had discovered a way to use the wind to knock back opponents and enhance his speed. He prefers to use Amestrian style martial arts, and will use them in tandem with his alchemy for devastating combination attacks. However, there are occasions when he requires a backup weapon. When times like this arise, he quickly scratches a transmutation circle onto the ground to draw a scythe or sword from the earth, feeling them to be the best weapons to slice through the wind with.
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Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) Empty
PostSubject: Percival Messerschmidt - Alchemical Capabilities   Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 10:10 pm

:: Abilities ::
Alchemy Specialization:

Wind based alchemy.

Current Research:

His research is unknown to most, but can easily be assumed to be based around application of his research in civil or military circumstances. Most of it applies to the research that his father had taught him to utilize.

Transmutation Circle:

The transmutation circle somewhat resembles a compass with only two points, with the symbols for fire, wind, and water being used cohesively to control the flow of air and its pressure. This is done through the same process as any weather pattern. Through use of a double wind rune combined with a fire rune near the front end of the circle, he can create a low pressure zone in front of where the circle is pointed by heating up the air, and causing it to rise. The double wind rune combined with the water rune in the back of the transmutation circle allow for a high pressure zone to be generated behind him, due to the air behind him becoming cooler, and more dense. Due to this, the low pressure zone draws in the air to make up for its lack of density. (I'll consider looking into making one. Should someone like to do it for me, it would be much appreciated)

Light Colour:
A light teal, but the sparks are subtle at best

:: Wind Shift ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 1
::Element: Wind
::Description of Ability:
While wearing his gloves, a simple flick of the wrist can be utilized to change the direction of the wind, like a conductor conducts and orchestra. The speed and orientation of his hands as they move can further alter different aspects of the wind.

:: Weapon Draw ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 1
::Element: Earth
::Description of Ability:
A simple transmutation that is done through creation of a transmutation circle on the ground or near a material that could be used to make a weapon. Typically, the weapon drawn would be a sword or a scythe.

:: Sailor's instinct ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 1
::Element: Earth, Wind, water
::Description of Ability:
After being taught to sail, and having the unrelenting urge to sail; if near a body of water with the right materials on hand, he may draw the transmutation circle to create a sailboat for either recreational or transportation use.

:: Vaccum Press ::
::Rank of Ability: 2
::Element: Wind
::Description of Ability:
By quickly flicking his hand in one direction, then pulling downwards/pushing upwards on the wind, he can create a high or low pressure vacuum around himself to either push foes away, or pull them closer

:: "Knockin' the wind out of ya!" ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 2
::Element: Wind
::Description of Ability:
A play on words and a literal description of the move. By punching with the alchemical gloves on, Percival can send a stream of air in the direction of his fist, as if he were punching with the air itself.

:: Rock Fling ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 2
::Element: Wind, Earth
::Description of Ability:
Performed by picking up bits of debris (rocks), tossing them, and then amplifying their velocity by blowing heavy winds on them, rendering it capable of at least some damage. It is, however, the most unprofessional and childish means of attack available.

:: Air Whip ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 3
::Element: Wind
::Description of Ability: similar to the Vacuum Press, it pulls the opponent towards Percival, but instead relies on use of a stream of air to pull them in via a quick flick of the wrist. It functions like a punch to the back, but with longer range

:: Dust storm ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 3
::Element: Earth, Wind
::Description of Ability: Percival quickly draws a transmutation circle that blows a large amount of dust and sand into the air, which he promptly blows into the opponent. A more sophisticated, and potentially damage-inducing version of the "Rock Fling" move. Can also serve as a means of escape when in a tight spot.

:: Vacuum Rush ::
::Rank of Ability: Tier 4
::Element: Wind
::Description of Ability: With a gesture, Percival may transmute an extremely low pressure zone on the opponent, sending Percival straight at the enemy, where he will then deliver a blow. As one might expect, a man charging into someone at high speeds would be hard on the user, but devastating on the opponent.
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Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved)   Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) EmptyWed Apr 01, 2015 9:49 pm

Yay critique time! When everything's adjusted to fulfill the requests in the critique just post a reply to let me know.

Scary critique #1. Razz 
He should totally have automail, because if he does, that means I have more characters to play with my automail parts wholesaler. Razz  buahaha. They could be friends. My alchemist Kade, could introduce them when he and your character meet. Smile Maybe he hasn't found a reliable place he likes to get his automail tuned up at yet, or decides he needs a whole new forearm to handle the requirements of his military career?

Frighteningly critiquey #2. 
On his "current research" section, I'm looking for something along the lines of what 'technique(s)' he's trying to perfect. As in, is he studying how to amplify an ability he can already use to some lesser extent? Maybe by focusing it more effectively? Or is he shooting for some other breakthrough on an ability he has a hunch might just be the next greatest alchemy discovery of all time? >D  Those kinds of things. Use your imagination on this to come up with 'theories' or whatnot that he may be working on. 

His history looks great. I'm really liking it. Just one question on it though. I take it that they used his mom's salary as a doctor to put toward his dad's research? It's difficult to fund independent research though his less so, since he's using Air to manipulate, but some materials might still be needed, especially if he's studying how to make boats for their sailing trips. 

One other thing, for his wandering-ness Razz he won't need to carry around all he owns in a suit case when he's in the military. So you can probably take that off his "possessions on his persona" because that won't really be happening anymore. Though maybe the military is starting to make him feel restless, so though he's been in the military for a few weeks or months or however long, perhaps he's starting to feel restless?

Transmutation ability numero dos and tres are pretty similar. If there are metals or biological matter, he could make the ship and its sails or the weapon because you can make that fairly simple.

Then in the second, you could suggest he uses wind to catch the sails when he wants to go sailing. Something along those lines. Or "cooling breeze" etc.

Keep in mind that Edward and his brother for example, focused on the alchemy of metals, which allowed them to know how to create a weapon etc. Though some of the basics of their alchemical knowledge may be the same, unless your character has done specific research on metallurgy and blacksmithing/ metal alchemy, I doubt he'd have the knowledge to make a weapon. Weapons are complex things that require specific qualities of ores, specific heat to melt and purify, and specific curve etc etc or the blade will be too brittle or too hard, etc etc. All of the conditions of a weapon's creation must be met through alchemy, ad that takes a certain amount of knowledge he may not have in metals, since he's chosen to specialize in Air. Because to create something in alchemy like that you already know the science of that element(s) and the process of how your end result is achieved; you're just cutting out the hard work and time aspect, in order to short-cut the process, making it instant. 
Just because the materials are there doesn't mean an alchemist will know what to do with them. So, if he did spend quite a bit of time studying metals /earth as well, then please elaborate a little more in his history about his studies when he reached the stage that he could start really building his own alchemy skill. Unless perhaps it was something in one of his father's books that he was able to simply copy and do. But that limits him to only the metals that he "copied" alchemical 'recipes' from so to speak, because he still wouldn't necessarily have the know how to transmute other types of metals/ earths. 

On that note, I think it makes more sense for him to know how to make a sail boat since his family enjoyed sailing. It makes sense it was something his father may have even helped him research when he was younger. Maybe it was a project they had worked on together for a while. Maybe it was something 'fun' that he and his dad did together before he was 16, or on his 16th birthday, in order to inaugurate him into the family trade >D   Hehe.

"Son, we're going on a deep sea fishing trip!"  
"Dad... I hate to break it to you, but... I don't see a boat"... 
"yeah, well.. you just let your Pa teach you a thing or two."  

haha. Something along those lines. Anyway, if you REALLY want him to be able to make weapons, put in there, after he's 16 and took on the trade, what made him diverge from that path of 'wind' alchemy to learn how to craft metals. Otherwise, I'd keep him focused on the Wind sphere if that's specialization you're going for.

Oh i like this punching with the air one. Buahahah. Fist fight from a distance!

For ability "rock fling", no need to put earth element. He's not transmuting earth in it, all he's doing is transmuting with Air, but the effect on the rocks is secondary, not direct. It's only necessary to put the element he's actually transmuting. 

Also, I'd combine this with 'dust storm', because it's pretty much the same thing, just picking up different debris. And a dust storm could pick up sticks and stones, too. Just combine them. 

For another higher level ability, you could consider using something like "funnel cloud" or something that drops air pressure drastically within a specific targeted area of his focus, causing something similar to Decompression sickness, etc. Those are things the military would be looking for. The decompression sickness one could be something he's got going in his current research because that would be very targeted and he's still young enough that he may need to continue researching that kind of control aspect for targeting one person out of a crowd or ... whatever else. Smile Hehe. 

But I would definitely make another high level ability for him into F5 tornado or something. hhaha. Something that he could control for a few city blocks or bring down to totally destroy just one area. The military will want to see mass-destructive powers from their alchemists. They can do individual hand to hand fights with any foot soldier, so being able to do that won't make him stand out that much amoungst the ranks of alchemists, nor will it maintain his position if he's not coming up with other things. 

Remember, there's a big difference between State Alchemist and Civilian Alchemist Smile don't be afraid to ramp him up a bit if he's that much of a genius. But if you want to keep him toned back for now and say that he just joined in this last year andstill getting the feel for the expectations put to him as a new State Alchemist, maybe my character Kade can help him out a bit or something? Maybe that could be part of his character trait that Percival is a bit too timid at times, and Kade needs to help warm him up to military life? >D haha. That could pose a fun dynamic between them as friends. But then, once he gets warmed up to being in his new position, knowing what he's allowed and not allowed to do, he loosens up a bit and isn't afraid to try things anymore.??  

Just suggestions! Smile 

Haha I can also see with his personality their Commander having a fun time with him hahaha. They'l have a fun relationship too. Maybe I'll make a NPC commander for them or something so that they can have run ins with the commander "Hey, i'm still talking to you! Don't walk away from me, Percie!"

For his fighting style, it would make a lot of sense to mention something along the lines of that he learned hand to hand fighting /brawling from his dad and that the wind acted as a 'natural' extension of his physical fighting style. Much like the sword acts as an extension of a combatant's arm. However, unless his father has military training or martial arts training from somewhere, neither of them (prior to Percival's joining the military) would be very skilled at this, and thereby, he probably wouldn't learn to use weapons outside of a standard knife. So if his dad is teaching him combat, then explain how his dad learned combat. Otherwise, cut out the weapons part and just put that they engaged in hand to hand sparring like boys always do, and their Wind alchemy became an extension of their fighting style, but together, pitted against one another, they were quite a sight to behold while sparring. Smile 

And honestly, I'm sure using his alchemy in combat is going to take precedence over resorting to a blade, which is far more limited in its reach and less powerful than his wind attacks. So, resorting to creating a blade and getting up close and personal with an opponent would actually not be as smart, tactically, given his expertise. His alchemy is going to come naturally and be his go-to, first resort talent in most circumstances. Knowing how to fight with a knife or being a smart shot with a pistol may come in handy .er... at some point? but his ability with alchemy /wind makes him much stronger than that. That's what sets him apart from the foot soldiers and there's no special abilities in his repertoire that mix his wind alchemy with the necessity of a blade, so it doesn't make much sense for him. 

And maybe his sparring experience iwht his dad helped them develop a kind of "wind wall" to block opponent attacks or something. or block objects, turning them away, at a certain point.Some such like that. Hmmms...

Oookay, those are my thoughts. Smile Sorry it was a lot. That's not a bad thing though >D  hahah. This'll just make him a really faaaabulous character when he's all done. Check back in with me if you have any questions and don't feel bad for coming back with your own thoughts to brain storm some more; or if you have ideas that you want to make happen but just not sure how to get them fit in there. 
Hope the suggestions are enough to help you get his details fleshed out summore. Smile

Also for more alchemy thoughts, you might watch the movie Avatar: the last airbender. Some similar concepts could be put to use through alchemy Smile

Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) Mysignature004_zps493baa96
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Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved)   Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved) Empty

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Percival Messerschmidt - State Alchemist Class B (To be approved)
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