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 (continued) Hunting for suspects

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(continued) Hunting for suspects Empty
PostSubject: (continued) Hunting for suspects   (continued) Hunting for suspects EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 9:02 pm

[OOC:  Ohhh, Wings, you put the new hair style pic up! It's looks great! It's like one of those 'pixie' cuts, isn't it?  Way cute! And your hair color is really pretty! It's like honey. ^.^]

Kade Marshall 

The fact of the matter was that Kade had studied at least a little about all of the known gases. He wasn't sure which she took interest in, in particular, which is why he mentioned nobles, thinking perhaps that might spark more targeted conversation; and from his own experience, most people tended to be at least somewhat familiar with those, having heard the terminology. It was also less intimidating to start a conversation that way, instead of by confessing that he just liked to watch things explode. 

He'd been wrong about all that though, apparently. Must just go to show that he wasn't the most social of all people in the world, but at least he wasn't the most socially inept either. And perhaps he'd underestimated her knowledge of the topic at hand. However, Kade never anticipated that civilians were much good at alchemy. At least not nearly as accomplished as State Alchemists, whom he obviously thought highly of -in much the same way he thought of himself. Anyway, she seemed to feed off other trains of thought, being quite focused on her 'dead end' that she'd reached.

"Good to meet you, Kass." Offhandedly, he wondered if Kass was shortened for anything. As the girl rambled on after his question, his thoughts were on other things, like her dilemma. 

A sip of his coffee while she finished, it was as she in turn took pause, eating her cookie, that Kade took the chance to interject, "Have you been studying alchemy for long, and had a chance to get a taste of other alchemy focuses? Or has this always been your interest of study?"

While she answered and then went on about Xerxes, Kade went back to blowing across the top of his coffee and trying to sip it again, but it still proved too hot to want to drink liberally. Grinning at her Xerxes reference, he thought that perhaps she was right. Xerxes was a mysterious place according to most. And who knew what strange truths were hidden there -or buried within its past. Though, it wasn't infrequent that strange anomalies of the world got pinned on Xerxes when they couldn't be easily explained. 

"I suppose you could be right. There's no telling what remains to be uncovered at Xerxes." Though it may be difficult to convince very many that such a desolate place was worth investigating. It would remain even more difficult for someone to convince patrons to donate to the cause if she hadn't already the resources to go there, herself. The reasons for doing so would have to be immense since such an expedition would prove to be both perilous and costly. 

"Do you know how you're going to get there?" To Xerxes, that was. A girl shouldn't chance a venture like that on her own, even if she had a little alchemy practice under her belt. There was no telling just how useful it'd be to her against a hoard of bandits; especially if she was still working on the 'control' aspect. Her alchemy might just be as likely to ricochet back on her as it was to have the desired effect.

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(continued) Hunting for suspects Empty
PostSubject: Re: (continued) Hunting for suspects   (continued) Hunting for suspects EmptyTue Apr 14, 2015 7:58 pm

[Yeah i guess you could call it a pixie cut. And thanks! ^^
Btw it was a good idea to start a new topic! ((Now i just need to remember what i last posted ;-; XD ))
Also, have i shown you this: http://mustang-family.tumblr.com/post/112463691821/what-changes-to-amestris-did-roy-end-up-making ]

Kade asked what she had studied apart from wind alchemy; but she didn't really know what to say without revealing too much about the old alchemists powers, so she just said that her focus had been general and turned to wind rather recently, then quickly she went on with something else and hoped that he wouldn't ask further.

Kade seemed to be particularly interested in Xerxes, she noticed, relieved. She liked talking about it, since she had made some research. It hard been hard to find reliable information, and you could never be certain that it really was true; but it couldn't all be wrong, and she liked challenges.

Kade asked how she wanted to get there, and caught her by surprise. "Uhh, actually..." she stroke back her hair, which gave her some more time to order her thoughts. "I hadn't really planned going there, it's so far away and..." Kass didn't like to admit that she wasn't exactly rich, while being seen as afraid of long journeys didn't bother her as much, since she knew that she wasn't. "I thought that I would do more research first, I only found about that once and I'm not even entirely sure that it is true. Also, maybe the runes that I need can be found somewhere else? I'm sure that somebody must have discovered them allready" she said; all these things were true and at the same time easy to use as excuses.

(continued) Hunting for suspects _2014119
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(continued) Hunting for suspects
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