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PostSubject: :: THE HOMUNCULUS ::   :: THE HOMUNCULUS :: EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 8:31 pm

The new generation of Homunculus, crafted under the supervision of Pride, by a talented but foolish alchemist, each embody one of the ten aspects of Death. These are: Despair, Destruction, Emptiness, Greed, Intoxication, Madness, Rage, Sacrifice, Solitude, and Time(Aging). This group, under the leadership of Pride, are the force that now control the gradually combining groups of criminals and misled minds who comprise the underworld of Amestris.

HomunculusKeywords/ AbilitiesProfile Link
DespairDoes not like to be looked down on or belittled. Defensive. Sense of being the underdog.

[more to be added]
Open for creation
DestructionUndeniably fierce. Incredible physical strength. Skill in many areas of combat. Finds enjoyment in destroying things. Aware of his superiority in combat. Usually the first to strike or to make the suggestion that the Homunculus attack. Most of his strategies of defeating their enemies have to do with wanton destruction and killing.Open for creation
EmptinessAppears sad or apathetic. Emptiness. Nothingness. Hollowness. Does not believe in things that he cannot see with his own eyes. Things that he cannot see or touch exist beyond the realm of possibility, because for he who is filled only with void, things like emotion and faith are beyond comprehension. Does not feel lacking of these things however, because they mean nothing to him.Open for creation
GreedCan take on the appearance of others or absorb abilities of others temporarily. Anything and everything should be his. His greed knows no bounds. There is nothing lofty enough that it should be beyond his reach. This may cause him to lose sight of his real limitations, as he overextends himself to attain more. Open for creation
IntoxicationObsessiveness. Addictions. Intoxicated by his need for more power; over humans or over other homunculus. Power struggle. Never satisfied with the status quo. Open for creation
Madness [more to be added]Open for creation
RageUncontrolled rage, anger.

[more to be added]
Open for creation
Sacrifice[more to be added]Open for creation
SolitudeLoneliness, longing for companionship, others fear him/ her,  sense of being incomplete. Possibly obsessed with building up and controlling circles of minions, subordinate gangs, etc, all about him/herself in order to feel fulfilled.Open for creation
Time (Aging)Does not like decay. By all appearances, cannot age, but has the ability to cause things to decay /break down. Arrogant.

[more to be added]
Open for creation

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