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 Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D

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PostSubject: Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D   Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D EmptyFri Dec 19, 2014 11:57 pm

:: OOC Information ::
Pen Name:
Recruited by:
Sixth, if any ^^

:: Character Information ::
Nick Lushtov

Code Name:

ID Number:
9119 BS

Age & Date of Birth:
18 / 1. September 1919


Character Class:
Military D? He is really good with a gun though :O

Amestrian, though his father was from Drachma


Amestrian, Drachman

Province & City of Residence:
Central City

Place of Birth:
Pendleton, West Area

Military Police (that's the lowest military rank right?)


Father: Kevan Lushtov, from Drachma, 65 years old.
Mother: Zara Lushtov, 56 years old.
Best friend: Mike Dallan, 20, automail mechanic
Ex girlfriend: Sylvia Kretsh, 16

Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D _2014118
::Face Actor: Imran Khan
::Hair: short and Black
::Eyes: dark grey
::Height: 1.83
::Build: athletic and rather thin
::Automail: no
::Possessions usually found on persona:
A standard issue pistol on the right side of his belt, even when in civil, because there could allways happen something unexpected; and his wallet with some Cenz and his military ID (if there is something like that).
He also has a picture of Sylvia, which he keeps on the inside of a long medaillon-like necklace whose pendant has the form of a steampunk gear; that Mike gave him to keep the photography.
::Typical Choice of Clothing: If not in his uniform, he will wear normal trousers, a black or dark grey shirt, his dark blue jacket and maybe a hat.
::Tattoos or Scarring: A scar on his left leg from an accident while practicing shooting and a large scar on his left arm from a dogbite.

Kevan moved to Amestris at a very young age to marry Zara whom he had met while on vacations. Both came from very rich families and they bought a mansion in Pendleton, since it was the closest big city to Kevan's original home. Few years later the conflicts in Pendleton started, but Zara didn't want to leave her hometown. Luckily, the mansion was apart from the center of the city and therefore of the center of the conflicts, so they got along mostly unharmed. They also had a wall built around it and keep guards and guard dogs.
They wished for a son but it took two dead born children until one survived. Affortunately, Nick was as healthy as could be, as if he had absorbed the energy of his siblings. He was the pride of his parents and they bought him everything a child could want.
His friends weren't as wealthy, and he avoided the other rich kids because he thought they were arrogant. His friends were honest, gratefull and giving people, who influenced him a lot and provoked him to dislike arrogant people. His parents, who wanted him to rather be around rich people, tryed to talk him into going out with the rich kid Jaqueline, a girl as arrogant and unadapted as her name, but he allways managed to talk himself out of it and they sighed and tryed again weeks later. They closed their eyes before reality and still thought of him as their prince.
On Nick's 18. Birthday, they got thrown back towards reality, as Nick introduced them to his girlfriend: Sylvia Kretsh. She was an intelligent and beautiful girl, but she was from the lower mid-class. That night, Nick had a large discussion with his parents. They didn't want him to keep his girlfriend. He should marry a rich woman, because he was rich too and "deserved somebody of his class".
After two weaks of constant fighting, Nick couldn't take it anymore. He put his stuff in a bag and sneaked out of the house at midnight, leaving only a letter that said:
Mom, Dad, I guess you allready knew the phrase "If you love him, let him go. If he loves you, he'll cone back". Now you'll get to understand it. Nick.
He went to live at the house of his best Friend, Mike Dallan, a talented automail mechanic. Few weeks after the incident he and Sylvia broke up, because she had to move to North City with her parents. He spent another week at Mike's house, until one day Mike told him that he wouldn't keep him there any longer. He wanted Nick to go and talk to his parents. Nick got angry at first, but he knew that his friend only wanted the best for him. So the next day, he stood in front of the outer mansion gate again, fulfilling his promise of coming back. The guards denied him to pass and called his father. As Kevan saw his son, he started yelling at him: "You are not my son! My son would never dissappoint me!" and they set a watchdog on him. Nick ran away, but the dog catched up and made him trip. He covered his face with his left arm and the dog bit into it before Mike, who had stood close, managed to scare it away throwing rocks. Nick stood at Mikes house again after coming out of the hospital, but as his wounds were healed he decided to move on. Mike gave him the necklace that he wears every day and brought him to the train station. Nick then travelled to Central City to join the military, since he had no big talents other than shooting and wanted to help his nation.

Nick is a rather silent person, and shy as well. He doesn't want people to know that he comes from a rich family, because he rejects being rich. He also rejects the family that didn't trust him enough to let him come back. When he is hurt, he gets angry and reacts very impulsive, which sometimes leads to the situation becoming worse. He is also that kind of person who wants to run away from their problems, because it can take a lot of courage to face them. He does have courage, but he lacks the self esteem that is needed too and often needs to be pushed by somebody to take the decisions he deep down knows are correct.
He is devoted to his job and passion, though he allows nobody but himself to choose them. He doesn't want anyone to tell him what to like or how to act. He still gets along with the military though, since it was his own choice to join.
Nick seldom shows shis emotions and usually seems calm, even when there is a tornado inside of him.
He can surprisingly gentle but also surprisingly cruel (like in the letter he left behind).

Hobbies/ Likes:
Nick is very skilled at the use with pistols and guns.
Nick can run very fast and is a good sprinter.
He enjoys the silence. He likes to go to places alone, but he also likes to be silent with other people around. Silence can be very communicative, and a silence with Nick will never feel uncomfortable.
Nick enjoys drawing too, and can bring a message and emotions into a drawing in a way he couldn't with words.

Dislikes/ Unskillful at:
Nick is not very good at keeping a conversation. His silence is great but his words are lame.
Nick hates writing letters as well or talking through the phone.

Mannerisms/ Quirks:
Nick will grab his pendant at random times and look at Sylvias photo.
He also likes to twist a pen in his hands or whatever he gets hold of. Eventually it will slip out of his hand and hit someone or fall to the ground making as much noise as possible.

Nick has no endurance. He can sprint, but afterwards, he needs to stop. He can't run more than 200 meters at a time.
He allways disliked dogs, but since the incident with his arm he has grown a kind of phobia for them.

Fighting Style/ Favoured Weapon:
Since he was eight, Nick learned to shoot. His father was worried about his security because of the conflicts in Pendleton and wanted him to know how to defend himself. Maybe he took the wrong approach, but either way he introduced Nick to what would become his passion. Firing a gun became his greatest talent.
He is also fast and athletic, but not stronger than the average. He makes use of his agility instead. He knows no fighting techniques other than with a gun though.

Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D _2014119

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Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D   Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 8:33 pm

Quick Critique for you Smile until you add the abilities part for his study of alchemy.

In history section please elaborate a little on the following. Smile 

Why didn't his parents like his Girlfriend? 

How does he get into alchemy? Was he starting to study it just a little before he left home or got kicked out? Or did he end up finding out about alchemy from his BFF? Or does he find out about it when he gets to Central and joins the military? Maybe SEEing some of these amazing alchemists or HEARING about them now that he's in that kind of atmosphere made an impression on him. Either way, he'll need to have some way of supporting that 'hobby' Razz if he's going to learn alchemy. Or was he not going to?

Why does he not like being affluent/ rich? What happened in his growing up or between he and his parents, or perhaps between his parents and his GF and her family that made him not like being in that kind of a family? I'd imagine it'd be something that was pretty deeply important to him and thereby left a lasting impression because that's how he was raised, so that would be 'normal' to him to have wealth and influence. 

Or does he just want to feel like he got to decide his own life and build himself up instead  of standing on the legacy of his parents? Maybe others gave him a hard time about it growing up because he had everything given to him that he could possibly want, which may have incited the jealousy of others. or just them thinking he never knew how to stand on his own two feet, etc.

Also, nothing else happened in his 18 years of growing up worth mention? If not, that''s fine, but just thought I'd ask >D  

Other than that Smile looks good so far!! Can't wait till you get these two finished and we'll start RP!! eeeeeee! I'm excited! lol very very!

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Nick Lushtov - Military - Class D
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