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 :: Wanted: Classifieds! ::

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:: Wanted: Classifieds! :: Empty
PostSubject: :: Wanted: Classifieds! ::   :: Wanted: Classifieds! :: EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 12:07 am

:: Wanted: Classifieds! ::

The Classifieds is a forum is for advertising for roles which are wanted to fulfill plotty things for EXISTING characters only. This is to help enrich the lives of the characters already on the board, in the case that they need a ex lover, nemesis, sibling, etc to be PCed for plot reasons. Ask for it here. Roles may be filled by existing characters filling in that void, or by creation of new characters.

Please start a new thread for each role you'd like to advertise, making the Title of the thread as:

Wanted :: [the Role you'd like to see fulfilled] :: [the Character's name you're posting a wanted ad for]

This will make it easy to sort through the ads at a glance. Within the thread, please post a blurb with more details as to that character's plotty need where concerns the role being advertised. When a role has been fulfilled, the thread will be locked to indicate role taken.


Wanted :: Ex girlfriend to fight with :: Nitro
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:: Wanted: Classifieds! ::
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