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PostSubject: :: NEW CHARACTER BIOGRAPHIES ::   Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:46 pm

:: Character Creation ::

Please click to view and then Copy and Paste the following biography code into a new thread in this forum. Complete the application to the best of your ability with a [WIP] tag in the description if it is still a work in progress, or [Completed] if it is ready for critique. If you need help or have questions, or would like to plot more with other characters first, let an Admin know, and we'll assist you. You may also keep works in progress on your personal Drawing Board.

The primary bio section may also be used to submit adoptables if you have specific details on a character you'd like for someone else to pick up. Simply fill out what information you have on that character and submit to the Adoptables section. Otherwise, submit requests in the Classifieds/ Wanted ads section, if there's a specific role you need filled for your character's plot.

For Alchemists and Human Chimera, there will be a secondary code you'll need to tack onto the end of the biographie core in order to elaborate on their abilities for approval.

Currently, we are not accepting applications for PC Homunculus, nor souls attached to suits of armour. :PThese will be distributed as Rewards for activity on the site. See the Achievements section for details.

IF you are wanting to build a character to fill plot necessary roles, or perhaps one that you don't intend to play full-time but would like to explore and play around with, please scroll down to the PNPC bio, and fill it out.

IF you prefer a simplified version of the biography, which is not as heavily BBC coded, scroll to the bottom of this section and utilize the "BBC Code Light" biography. It will have the Primary and Alchemist's portions together, but in an easier to read format. Smile

Primary Biography Code:

Alchemist's secondary biography portion:

Human Chimera secondary biography portion:

PNPC/ Part time character biography code:

BBC Code Light/ Simplified biography code:
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