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Sixth Gun
Sixth Gun

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PostSubject: :: GENERAL AVAILABILITIES ::   Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:47 pm

:: Availabilities ::

These are character positions that need to fill ongoing storyline opportunities. If you have other plot ideas for a new character, run it by an admin and we'll integrate your ideas as best we can to the ongoing plot. Smile

There are a few limitations to numbers of any specific character type allowed on the board at a time, but numbers may be modified for future board needs. Current limitations are simply to help spread the character love around.

Currently we are not accepting applications for Homunculii or Souls without human form. These will be rewards for activity on the board. See the Achievements section for details.

(Played/ Currently Allowed)

:: Alchemists ::
Civilian Alchemists (unlimited)

::State Alchemists (3/18)

::Dragon's Blood Brotherhood: (0/5)
[Male characters only. Alchemy must be founded on Alkahestry practices, but mixed with some Amestrian Alchemy. See their factions page for more information.]

::Possibly future opening for Gold transmuting alchemist

:: Military ::
::Colonel & immediate subordinates -Central Province
::Colonel & immediate subordinates -West Province
::Colonel & immediate subordinates -East Province
::Colonel & immediate subordinates -North Province
::Colonel & immediate subordinates -South Province

::Military Police/ Inspector/ Detective/ Intelligence/ Cooks/ Medics/ Reconnaissance/ Foreign Relations/ Linguist/ Mechanic/ Sniper/ etc  (unlimited)

[Possible future openings for Warriors of Xing]

:: Human Chimera ::
::Human Chimeras (1/10)
[Needed for the Cirque Exotique & Inamourata's Mask: musicians, performers, acrobats, dancers, bouncers, servers & other.]

:: Civilian ::
::Civilians (1/ unlimited)

::News Reporter for Central City Tribune (0/2) or
::News Reporter/ Announcer for Central Radio (0/2)
[Would like to have a civilian character who works for the Central Tribune or Southern Tribune or one of the other news agencies to run across the group to interact or try to follow them around on their adventures etc to keep up with the latest great new scoop. This would be in interesting and very interactive role with some detective work and a lot of neat relationships for developing. )

::Mafia/Smugglers/Gangster/Thug types (unlimited)
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